Lithuania is a small country in Eastern Europe, and one of the Baltic States. It’s famous for basketball, unique landscapes and amazing food. However, rarely anyone talks about Lithuanian fashion. Even when I tried to google it, only the traditional clothing comes up, which is rarely worn and only during certain occasions. Being Lithuanian myself, I was curious about my country’s women style, however, living in England for nearly 5 years now, I felt like I needed some support with the topic. So, I teamed up with my friend Monika, who is a stylist and a personal shopper in Lithuania, to give first-hand impressions and experiences about Lithuanian women style.

Rasa: Tell me a bit about yourself and how your journey in the fashion industry began?

Monika: I’m a Visual Merchandiser (VM) and freelance personal and photoshoot fashion stylist. I’ve been in this industry for 4 years now. I first found out about visual merchandising on my first year at…

As the weather gets colder, it means one thing when it comes to fashion: layering up.

This is the time for you to start experimenting with clothes because you are able to wear more, to stay warm and still be fashionable.

Here, your creativity comes into play because you want to look great in every layer.

There are some details to bear in mind when layering…

We all love a good old bargain hunt every season. Maybe you’ve waited to buy a certain piece for a reduced price and now it’s your chance. But, oh wait – this dress is cute! What about that blouse?? Ohh, and those jeans are dreamy… By the time you get…

Preparing for time off can be exciting and stressful at the same time. The latter appears, in most cases, when it comes down to packing. You worry about all the clothing you want to bring with you, but do you really have to stress so much? There’s a way for a stress-free packing. Of course, a holiday is the time to show off your nice outfits with your sun-kissed skin and you want to feel fabulous every day. But have you ever worn all of the clothing you brought? I’ll tell you what – there’s no need for 3+ suitcases worth of clothing to look amazing! So, what do you need to do when you don’t want to overpack and have something cute to wear during your vacation?

Plan what you’ll wear

An easy way to start your holiday right is to pack smart. You’ll just need a bit more time in advance, so you wouldn’t start preparing only couple of hours before you have to leave. Think of the clothing you want to bring and create outfits, lay them down together…


A lot of us try to look effortless and put-together when it comes to our appearance. And it’s actually not that difficult – it requires quite simple steps to follow when elevating your style. …

Rasa Balciunaite

Wardrobe & Fashion Stylist. Can talk about fashion for hours. Visit my full blog:

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